Start Again

by Adeline

(free) 04:00


released August 14, 2003



all rights reserved


Bryan Estepa Sydney, Australia

Bryan Estepa is an acclaimed Sydney Singer-Songwriter, who has been labeled as one of Sydney's best kept secrets. Having released 5 albums over the past decade, including the critics favourite 'Vessels' & 'Heart vs Mind', Estepa has truly made his presence known in the Australian Independent music scene. ... more

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Track Name: Start Again
Open Eyes
Still and wide awake
With the thrill of an endless night
I’ll be trailing by your side

Dream to sleep
Floating through the tides
Swept away by what you have to say
I will not forget our yesterdays
It’s Fine

There’s that feeling
Its been hiding for to long
It’ll burst to a million pieces once the anger starts to go
And the pain you thought would linger
Will start to fade away
Getting comfort from your wasted times
But now its time to start again

Sunshines come
Daylights misty gaze
I will fall for all its charms
Feel the weight falling off my arms

Midnights rain
Streaming to the ground
We will dance underneath the stars
Don’t be scared I won’t go to far
Its fine
Track Name: All That Was There
Bringing it up
Filling it up
Living it up
All that is left here

Rolling along
Feeling its wrong
Lost in this song
Not all things come out clear

Getting your way
Fading away
Nothing to say
Scars there for all to see

But you say that all will come out
Clear and it’ll go
Weather the storm, stumble and fall
But I won’t look, back at the past
And wished that I’d hide, was I that blind
To all that was there
To all that was there

Digging a hole
Wear out your soul
Building a wall
Blocked out what made sense

Narrowed my sight
Can’t see no light
Darkness so bright
Wait till its all tense

Woke up alone
All out of tone
Down to the bone
Send me to the bends
Track Name: Never Be The Same
You got me feeling all the highs and lows
Every stare’s a little blow
Didn’t want you to know

Cos you’re the only thing I want right here
And when I see you smile
It makes me forget the time

Never figured out an easy way
To get right into your heart without those games
If you only knew what you’ve done to me
Fell in far to deep to dig myself
Out of my reality

My lonely search came to end that night
Cos you have everything
That seems to fit just right

How many other times will I see this day?
Others might come might way
But it’ll never be the same
Track Name: Slip Slowly
Say, all the things you want to say
Take away what you can claim
I know that I will miss you but I think I’ll be ok

I’ll stay outside
Be practicing all my lines
Try not to miss what’s on my mind
But I know that when I see you I will say something else
Getting just a little off my chest

Yes I know its time to go
It’s the end of what we know

My Knees are shaking
And my heart starts breaking
As the words slip slowly from my mind
Say Goodbye

You will cry
I’ll feel guilty for a little while
But you cannot say I didn’t try
There’s nothing left to pick up but the thoughts of what went by

I’ll see you around
I’m gonna have to wear that crown
Of the man whose turned it all around
It’s hard to see it coming when we pretend that it’s alright
Better to stay quiet than get in a fight

Now it seems that I had let you down
You will disappear without a sound
I’ve forgotten all my plans to stay
But for now its time to go
Track Name: Better Days
Send me drifting on high
To a place where it’s only you and I
An extra tune to delight
I will fall in your arms tonight

Whisper sweet words again and again
Soft enough for hearts to mend
Smile with every story you tell
How I know you oh so well

I see your stars are aligning
Better days will soon be arriving
And I will join the line
Forget the troublesome days and
20 ways to make it ok
And I fall behind

If you would only listen
You will hear those cries go rushing by
And your eyes I know will glisten
When you realise that time is on your side

Sweet November put on your show
I will beg and scream for more
You’ve given more than you know
Set me straight when I had lost control

I’m breathing slowly now
You have turned it all around
See the light upon your face
Filling up the empty space
I’ve had for some time
Track Name: Lullaby
Waiting for the end of this night
The promise of the daylight
You alone can make it better

For this next life
Playing games with your mind
Looking for the right kind
Of pleasure and pain that’s around

Oh it’s over now
Will you remain?
On solid ground right where you are
His warm embrace
Words can’t replace
The sound of your lullaby

Mornings never feel the same way
Tomorrows not a new day
Acting out the same scene again and again

I want you to be happy
Live through this beside me
Rise and fall with all that’s to come