Sunday Best

by Bryan Estepa

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All songs & lyrics by Bryan Estepa (2008)


released May 7, 2008

Produced by Bryan Estepa & Dan Nash
Recorded & Mixed by Dan Nash @ Glebe Studios
Additional Recordings by Brian Crouch
Mastered by Willy Bowden at King Willy Sound

Music Performed by:
Bryan Estepa - Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Scott Barr - Bass
Brian Crouch - Piano, Keys, Acoustic guitar
Jadey O'Regan - Organs & Piano
Dave Hatt - Guitars
Michael McGinty - Drums/Percussion
Adam Lang - Banjo & Mandolin
Jason Tampake - Trumpet
Jeff Crawley - Trumpet
Andy Kell - Saxophone
Dan Nash - Percussions
Joel Sarakula & Natalia Mitchell - Backing Vocals



all rights reserved


Bryan Estepa Sydney, Australia

Bryan Estepa is an acclaimed Sydney Singer-Songwriter, who has been labeled as one of Sydney's best kept secrets. Having released 5 albums over the past decade, including the critics favourite 'Vessels' & 'Heart vs Mind', Estepa has truly made his presence known in the Australian Independent music scene. ... more

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Track Name: Aches & Shakes
It is ok if I see you tonight?
I can meet you at a quarter to nine
Is it worth it to be aching to be a distraction that you can’t feel?

And I wake up with a mind full of dust
Indecisions and a line I can trust
On the outside it was all so clear
Weathered boxcars that you can’t steer

Changing slowly while you went along
Uninvited and you should have known
That I’m empty looking for my fill
Please be careful and try not to spill

And my footsteps well they ain’t too big
And my pockets well they’re never deep
But I love you that’s all I can say
I got nothing g else today

So c’mon baby
Wont you take my hand
I know you too well to say that it will never mend
And the best position is unconditioned
Track Name: Different With You
So I send myself to the corner again
I’ve been a very bad man and I’m sinnin’ my friends
So I turn to the wall and stare into space
But when I look real hard all I see is your face

And it’s true
Its gonna be different with you

All alone again on a Saturday night
Waking up Sunday morning and you’
Re nowhere in sight
Can I make amends or rearrange today
Why do I get the feeling that it’s all too late

And it’s true
Its gonna be different with you

Its gonna be different
I won’t lie
You’re too smart to be caught out twice
And the minute you arrive
Is when the penny drops to the ground
Another sign to know what’s going down
Track Name: Carl Wilson
Youngest child syndrome
What was that?
Its more good fiction than true fact
Little chubby kid growing oh so fast
And on it goes

I never paid much attention
To the bearded guy in the side
For I was distracted by another
Who writes songs that can make me cry

Your voice it makes me quiver
Sing ‘God only knows’ it makes me shiver
How I wish I could have met the youngest Wilson
Oh Carl Wilson

You kept the summer alive
When the odds were taking a dive
You made it all alright
When the boys got in a fight

I can listen to ‘Darlin’ all day
In your green jacket you will wail away
On your borrowed Chuck Berry riffs
Sounds so sweet how could we resist
You’re stronger than they will know
Your brother’s keeper and you in tow
No longer the forgotten kid
If you blink then you will miss
Track Name: Roses
Leave your sadness on the line
As your troubles play your mind here tonight
Where there’s a fire you will go
Rambled message on the phone and you cry

Tiny steps across the hall
Gazing backwards bound to fall and you sigh
Whisper words that aren’t true
Busy bodies on the move and you’ll fly

Would you say it all?
And you are the only one with a spark in your eye
Take a minute or an hour to move on to a long goodbye
Am I ever gonna find my way
Say it’ll be roses come another day
Bring it back to when the times were simpler if you can
Dare to go a mile even without thinkin
I wish

Looks like the rain has come our way
Come let’s get lost I thought I heard you say
Pick me up from under the covers
Don’t you know that I will never let you down
Track Name: Stars
Like a restless child I’m ready to play
Scrape my knees from running all day
Erase my mind when I know you’re gonna stay

Paper planes don’t where it’ll land
Some days east just south of the plan
Going with the wind and falling where I stand

If you go all the way will you let me know?
I’m shaking from waiting
It was never plain sailing
I’ll hold my breath but not too long
I’m sorry for the things that I’ve done wrong

Them secret cuts they never bleed
Getting my way when I say please
Still on my mind after all these years
Rolled up my sleeves and I’m ready to start
Someone once filled this broken heart
I ain’t letting go it’s far too dark
Hold my hand when I’m drifting far
Safe within these blinding stars
Track Name: I'm going
When I’m by myself
I’m ringing all the bells in a steady chime
Romanticise misfortune it’s a simple, easy crime

Picking out your story
Cutting out the glory it looks better now
Falling by the second to the unsuspecting kind

My eyes are still awake to all that I had missed before
Seen enough to tell myself there’s still a little more

Hide the sun it’s blinding
No more points for trying it’s a stellar shame
Reach behind for something that’s been locked in an open cage

It’s an odd selection
Going for perfection on a scattered page
An overnight sensation that is shining on the centre stage

I’m going now
I’m going

Shimmering and quivering its fallen under me
A towering figure lost and bare
Heightened all my expectations that she’ll be there
The last remains of what was saved
Track Name: Myself
Ten years to throw it away
For the greater good of a mindless stay
And I’ll save myself once again

Big hurts are coming in twos
To remind yourself that they’re looking for you
And I’ll save myself once again

And I’ll save Myself

Go through an invisible door
Exit right and you’re back on the bedroom floor
And I’ll save myself once again

Now she’s dancing all by herself
To the same old tune she will sing till the end
And I’ll save myself once again
Track Name: Skipping Days
Welcome to beginnings made for you
Autumn prines for summer nights that won’t return

She’s now gone don’t know where she’s from
Chasing tails and skipping days all year long

And when you find out shift to the corner where there’s little doubt
About the place inside his heart and yours
Track Name: Worry Me None
It ain’t gonna worry me none
I’ve turned the clock right back to where its begun
That’s when I found you

It ain’t gonna push me away
Second guessing every move but not today
Now I’m a part of you

And I don’t wanna go and roam
I just wanna stay at home
I’d rather be alone with you

I close my eyes and I know it’s gonna be ok
I shut my mouth for I don’t want to scare you away
I close my eyes when I wasn’t so sure
Of what’s ahead when we’re both on the same floor
It’s the next best thing to being alone
Track Name: Second Guess
Endings framed
It’s the finish to another darkened day
Mixed Up time
Confusions reigning on what’s yours and what is mine

I know it’s you

White as a bone
Gather pieces that you’re sure will find a home
Seasons bring
Another chance to greet the oceans coming in

Everything you see is impossible to me
Should I turn away?
But my legs are standing still
Too afraid to make a move
When it seems you’ve lost the game
Are you still by my side?
I’ll second guess your move
But I’ll know what you’ll do
You’ll walk away

Lay on the ground
Can’t go reaching for the sky when you are down
Throw caution to the wind
Weightless motions that are lifted from within
Track Name: Sunday Best
I’d like to keep a promise I haven’t given to you
I’d like to do the things you wouldn’t expect me to do
I won’t mind if we stay here forever
I won’t mind as long as we’re together

I’d like to be the one I know you’ve always dreamed
I’d like to pick you up when you’re falling at the seams
I won’t mind if we stay here forever
I won’t mind as long as we’re together

On that first night
I knew that it was gonna change
Despite of all the good plans laid
I did surrender to the moment
It started with a stolen kiss
How can I even resist the chance to do it all over again

You’re the only one in here who can get the right words off my chest
You’re the only one in here who can get me dressed on my Sunday Best