by Bryan Estepa

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This record was made as over 10 days between May 2009 & August 2010

Recorded the songs as 'live' as possible at Linear Recording with Chris Vallejo

All songs by Bryan Estepa (2011)


released July 20, 2015

Produced by Bryan Estepa
Mixed by Michael Carpenter @ Love HZ Studios
Mastered by Willy Bowden @ King Willy Studios

Music performed by Bryan Estepa, Scott Barr, Russell Crawford, Graeme Trewin, Brian Crouch, Jason Walker, Tim Byron, Jadey O'Regan, Tom Sowonja & Larissa McKay



all rights reserved


Bryan Estepa Sydney, Australia

Bryan Estepa is an acclaimed Sydney Singer-Songwriter, who has been labeled as one of Sydney's best kept secrets. Having released 5 albums over the past decade, including the critics favourite 'Vessels' & 'Heart vs Mind', Estepa has truly made his presence known in the Australian Independent music scene. ... more

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Track Name: Won't Let You Down
Think I’m on it
Figured it out
And your story was never in doubt
Maybe I was lazy, selfish and bored
Uninspired and wanting more

I’m coming up for air
And soon enough you’ll be aware
That I won’t let you down
Won’t let you down

On the outer
Nowhere to go
Hand in my pocket
Eyes on the floor
How do I earn your welcome mat?
Need a lesson
I need you back

Inch by inch the gap is closer
Draw the blinds the twilights over
Track Name: Hard Habits
Say you will go and I’ll argue my case
I’ll show you every concern that I have misplaced
You’re like a habit that I won’t break

Bells are still ringing, there’s no end in sight
And if you give me direction I won’t fall tonight
You’re like a baby that I won’t wake

Baby wont you try sometime
To trace all your footsteps back

For no lack of trying I’ve underachieved
I couldn’t break through your codes and your double speak
Some days I wonder if you are near

Even if I was swinging from one end to none
I’ll end up back where I started we won’t have to run
Back to that same place where it begun
Track Name: Tongue Tied
She was a love of mine
But the years have not been kind
To my poor heart yeah

Reappearing out of the blue
Tongue tied when I’m talking to you
And it’s so hard yeah

It’s been far too long to be nervous still
But we just don’t know what the moment will bring
Talking fast, Oh I’m stumbling in

And it’s not past me to be falling apart
While I hide the remains of my fumbled starts
Why disguise, oh I’m crumbling here

Has the world been good to you?
Or has you heart been broken too?
Were you alright? Yeah

Old Souls that we’ve become
Soon forget and the memories gone
We won’t fight it Yeah

That’s all that I could give before
Real plans that we had made and can’t ignore
But I wanted more

The more I dig in, the less I know
Track Name: Purple Patch
Wait and see it rise over your shoulder
It’s not the only silver lining up ahead
And you can’t rely on what you borrow
It’s not so lonely being right there till the end

A purple patch, a lucky dare
Can make you see that you are floating
So now c’mon, c’mon

She’s making molehills out of nothing
Don’t be so angry it’ll hit you back when you least expect
And you are chasing gold in empty places
Better be happy, this could be the best it’ll ever get

A purple patch, a lucky dare
Can make you see that you are floating
So now c’mon, It’s only the good times I recall
And I should have known
You’ll be right here waiting for a call
And win nothing at all
Seeing another chance go flashing by
Track Name: Pull Ourselves Together
So hang on baby
You will see the funny side
When we pull ourselves together

We’ll laugh until we cry
We won’t know why
Let’s go with the weather

I won’t move at all
I’ll stay right here
Got the TV on

We don’t have to talk
There’s nothing to say
When we’re laying low

It’s alright to tell me
And I won’t blink an eye
I’m leaving tonight

It’ll be alright
When we pull ourselves together

I wanted more than this but I don’t know how
Track Name: Alone
Had enough of the summer baby
I am missing the winter cold
Have no trouble in moving away
I am a little mixed up I know

No need to tell you what I am doing
Or read my life from a 10 inch screen
There’s a lot more that I’m not showing
I am a little mixed up I know

I want to go where you will go
If you would let me stay here
I want to right all that I have wronged
But I can’t do this alone

Still learning to say I’m sorry
I’m as stubborn as my old man
It’s all green through my tunnel vision
I am a little mixed up I know

Wish I could give you more than you need
I came armed with a plan to please
Gambled all and fell to my knees
I am a little mixed up I know
Track Name: Let It Go
I’ve been down, down, down
Please forgive me
On my lonesome I will wait
For my turn, turn, turn to remember
That she’s been looking for the sweetness in the pain

Let me roll or let me wander
I’ve been jumping out of my skin
Took on every word like a bible
Every page I read is somewhere I’ve been
Would you buy into the promises instead

Should your luck run out
And the birds have flown south
Just let it go
Just let it go honey
All your life you’ve been living in fright
Just let it go
Just let it go honey

Like a mission from the gods
You’re gonna give in without a warning
Pull the blanket from your eyes
Start closing in
Taking chances is an art of looking good even when we’re failing
But you don’t know when to start or when to end
Track Name: First Impressions
Yeah you’re acting strange
Is it something peculiar?
Can you disengage?
When it matters to you
See the morning in
Only then you can make up your mind
When the sun appears
We can put out the fire

Don’t tell me how to live
You’re said it with conviction
Point me where to dig
So there’s no confusion
Do you realise?
You can’t miss what you never had
Ain’t no looking back
Or peering through the cracks

Made my bed I won’t lie in it
I could hear you thinking out loud
Who’s to say that we’ll get it right if we can’t get it off the ground
Yes I’d love to say that I’m ok
And I’d love to say that we’re ok
Yes I’d love to say that I’m ok but I won’t
Track Name: Shade
Here’s how it goes
And I know you can
Bring back the spoils of your own demands
To claim your mine, oh mine is what I’m wanting to do

Writing in vain
Have I said it all?
Going through the words and know that you needed more
I feel its time, oh time to leave it all up to you

Not too early to be ready for the search to begin
It’ll be over in an instant it’s hard to admit

Well it’s warm in the shade
When you rest in my arms
Sunset’s not far away and night time is when we part
I know it’s time, oh time to leave the last for you
I will lay here today, it’s the least that I can do
Track Name: Instincts
Tease tease me no
And handle with care
You say that I’m impossible to take anywhere on the road
My visions impaired
I see the signs ahead but I’m going nowhere

Even if I’m cold, broke and falling behind
At least you will know that I’m toeing the line
I know you won’t like it
Know you won’t like it at all

I held it close
Tried not to let you near
If I reveal everything you’ll probably leave
This I can guarantee
You’ll question every bone that makes you stay with me

It was better then they say
All the roads it leads one way
Makes you wonder why you stay
Track Name: Unglued
Hi, How are you?
This is long overdue
Are you well?
Settled too?
Have you met someone new?

I’ve been avoiding all like a wicked plague
My mantle’s full it’s gonna break
You push and I will pull
Split the difference into equal parts
What I own is for you to have
Its all because for you

Once upon a time
There were no holes in sight
In the bliss we unwind
Everyday by my side

And I really don’t know if I want to see you happy
For the last time we met I was beaten, bruised and sorry
Now I’ve come unglued
Edges are flailing in two
Since I’m ready to meet you half way through
Track Name: Ball And Chain
Many hands make light work
So you’re toiling for all its worth
All those faces are a blur

It’s a classic case you’ve got
Like a boxer on his back
Underwhelmed and knocked out
And surrender to your doubt

Don’t you be surprised at all
That you’ve been here for that long
And the great escape you’ve blown
Drag you ball and chain
We’re so glad you came

Only settled for a smaller piece
And you smile and nod to please
Those surprises come in threes

You’ll be here for another year
And the outlooks not to clear
We are frozen by our fears
Shedding everything that’s clear

He can’t wait for the rooster to crow
All the fat ladies are singing along
You’re divided on who went wrong
In between your cries and moans